EPISODE #20 & 21

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Singer Songwriter, Molly Skaggs joins us in the Resound Studios, via Skype, to discuss the release of her new album 'Overtaken.' Molly is a discipleship leader for the 18 Inch Journey in North Carolina where she pours her life into young people who attend from all of over the world. Molly’s dream is for musicians to know who they really are, so that they play and create the music they love from an honest and whole heart. 

In this Part 1 Episode you will learn: 

  • What it was like growing up with a famous father
  • How Molly ended up working for Morning Star Ministries
  • How her relationship with Jonathan and Melissa Helser came to be and what she has learned from them


Debut Album: "Overtaken" on iTunes
Cageless Birds
18 Inch Journey
Morning Star Ministries

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