The wellspring of life.  
The intersection of human & divine.  
The home from which we create.
That for which Jesus is pursuing us relentlessly.
To bring love, wholeness, & strength.  
This is where worship & creativity are conceived. 
Under the weight of his kind intentions towards us. 
From this place, our inner world explodes to life, 
pulsing with a heartbeat greater than our own. 
Our walking turns to running. 
Our whispers turn to shouting. 
The tenacious hearts of sons & daughters join the song of creation
Together, composing His endless praise. 

At Resound 2017, join hundreds of others for a weekend to
encounter the heart of Jesus and experience the strengthening
of yours. Through worship, teaching, & artistic expression, 
we will help draw out the creative sound of God in your life.

Resound will help strengthen the unique expression of Jesus in you through...


Resound 2017 Partner Churches