So what's the deal with Resound?


In 2008, a group of friends came together with an idea to host a gathering. The heart was the same in the beginning as it is now — Dedicate an entire weekend to worshipping Jesus with friends and sharpening each other with various perspectives on worship and creativity. We didn’t start with a massive vision - just a desire to host an event that we ourselves wanted to be a part of.

For us, the word “Resound” captures the essence of what we believed God was calling us to. The narrative of Scripture starts with God creating everything with the sound of his voice. He then chose to fashion man, the crown of his creation, out of the clay of the earth. As God breathed in Adam’s nostrils, the spirit within him came alive. The very breath he was given was then returned to God as an act of worship.

The first Resound conference was a smaller gathering mostly consisting of those at Vinelife Church. As we shared the story, we began to hear common desires from friends across the Front Range of Colorado who wanted to be a part. It became clear to us that there were others in our region whose hearts bled for worship and creative expression, but felt alone in their church community.

In 2009, we invited some national artists and opened up Resound to a wider audience. We were blown away by the response. Throughout the weekend we heard story upon story of people who were transformed in profound ways by spending extensive times in an environment saturated with worship. People were finding new community and meeting others who shared similar creative passions. We knew there was something much larger going on.

Every November since then we have followed suit. Each Resound gathering carries a different flavor and expression but the stories are always strikingly similar. Attendees encounter the love of Jesus in a transformative way. Disillusioned hearts learn how to dream again. The fearful are filled with courage and the broken find healing.

And it goes beyond just heart work. Every year, we are able to listen to songwriters, worship leaders, artists, dancers, photographers, and other creatives talk about the process behind their crafts. In our breakout sessions, attendees get to hear the nut and bolts of what it looks like to cultivate various aspects of worship and creativity. It’s a beautiful combination of the head and heart.

Throughout the years, we’ve been blessed to cultivate relationships with other across the U.S., Costa Rica, and Brazil. We’ve hosted Resound gathering in all 3 countries and have joined forces with local church and worshippers who are championing the sound of Jesus in their nation.

And the sound goes. We are honored to be able to join with what Jesus is up in stirring up sons and daughters all around the world into a life of worship, imagination, and new possibilities.